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Skipping platform check with RHEL 5.7


I'm using InstallAnywhere binary installer (not made by myself) that checks the existing RHEL platform and states that the installer cannot continue because the platform is unsupported.

I believe this is because we're using a slightly unfamiliar RHEL 5.7 (Beta) while the software is supposedly supported in only RHEL 5.5. I also believe it would work if I could just skip this check somehow and at least trial it for a proof of concept phase.

I'm using console install, haven't tried with graphical version if it happens to support some sort of "continue anyway" option.

Can you please advice?

Thanks 🙂
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Please note that this is a forum dedicated to developers writing setups with IA. You should seek for support with the people that developed your installer.
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My apologies for the wrong forum. However, for the future reference, if you need to skip the platform check when running the installer (at least in console mode) you can try the following option: -DIgnoreOSVersion=true

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