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Silent installation with merge modules


I have a "master installer" that includes three merge modules. When I am creating a response file for silent installation (via the "install.bin -r"), I only get the variables written to this response file, that are set in the "master installer" but not the variables used in the three merge modules. The silent installation is not working as there are no variables given to the three merge modules.

How can I create a silent installation using merge modules?

I know, that the "master installer" can set variables in the merge module, and vice versa, but do I really have to pass all needed variables explicitly to the merge modules, and add them all manually in the "master installers" response file?
Is there another way to go?

Best Regards
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Level 4

I had the same issue. The only solution is to advertise your merge module output variables as input variables too. In the parent installer, these variable must be set by what would normally be the output of the merge module.

Using the same names in the merge module and the parent installer does not help. The variables have to be copied.

This way, in silent mode, when the silent installer enter the merge module, the variables that are read from the response file are used to set the variables inside the merge module, and pass through back to the parent installer.

Yes, it is contorted.
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