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Signon to the system Window at installing

Hi all,
I'm testing an installation of jar files with targets MacOSX, Windows and Linux.

In Windows XP sp3 and MacOSX 10.7, when installer is around to the end of installation (transfering Uninstaller) appears at left upper corner one window with following title "Signon to the System" with three fields to filling out: System, User ID and Password.
I asked to developing team for this credentials but they are looking for issues around to this credentials in the system developed.
I have doubts about the set of jar files (they are around 40 files), because I have installed the example project for OfficeSuite Pro (this is a project with .class files instead) and this works fine in my OS targets.

I have Installanywhere 2011 enterprise without SP.
Do I have to update some SP?

Thanks in advance!
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Hi saidmr,

I would request you to upgrade to IA 2011-SP3.

There are some critical fixes which went into Service Pack 3 for IA 2011.

Request you to then verify your requirement on the latest.

Hope this Helps!

Madhav Pai
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Level 3

Thank you for your comments Madhav Pai,

Today I've just updated my system with IA2011 sp3,

I've tested the same project on my targets, but I've obtained the same behavior.

I'm mixing a project that installs in the same targets and where the window is not present, I'm going to keep looking for a real solution to this situation, perhaps the mixing I'm just trying resolves the installation for now.

Thank you again!
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