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Passing arguments to InstallAnywhere project file


I need to change some parameters (e.g. Product Name) depending on some external parameters that can be passed from an Ant build script on to InstallAnywhere project files. I invoke my InstallAnywhere project file from within an Ant build (build.xml) file and would like to know how to pass arguments to the InstallAnywhere Ant task. For example, if I pass something like ProductName="Product1",then I should be able to read this argument from within the project file and update the $PRODUCT_NAME$ to the value passed argument(Product1).

Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
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Did anybody find solution for the above question? I too have same requirement, passing ant parameters to IA.

Siva Krishna. K.
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In order to achieve a similar result, I preferred to use a different approach: in IA project file I use ANT variables (@ instead of $) and I replace them BEFORE building the project.
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