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$PRODUCT_VERSION_NUMBER$ not returning the value

In Project->Description window I have specified the product version number under Version field as But during runtime, in my custom code I am not getting the value by using InstallerProxy.substitute("$PRODUCT_VERSION_NUMBER$").
It is always returning NULL. Failed to understand what's the problem.
Please help me
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Are you using IA2008 Value Pack 1? Do other property values resolve properly?
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Yeh IA 2008 has this defect .which is resolved in IA 2008 VP1. so try tht.
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I have the same problem with IA 2008 VP1 and IA 2009 SP1. The initial project was created with IA 2008 and reopened on newer versions, could it be the explanation ?
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Normally, opening an older project with a newer version should hold a project migration (definitive when you save the older project with the new version).
By the way, IA 2009 SP2 is just out, maybe you may want to try with that version?
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