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Noob Question Regarding Updating...

Okay, I'm a total noob with InstallAnywhere, and I just had this applcation dropped on me, AND I've got a problem.

We have an application called Batch Provider Client. Using InstallAnywhere we have to files. 1) bp-install.exe and 2) bp-update.exe.

The initial install file works great. No issues.

The update is the problem. We have added a new .jar file to our application. I've included the new jar in the *.iap_xml file. This new jar file *is* being deployed correctly as part of the update.

The problem appears to be a file called BPApplication.lax. In this file is a property lax.class.path.

During a full install this lax.class.path property seems to be updated with a reference to the new jar file. But during an update this .lax file is not being updated, AND I can't seem to figure out how to tell InstallAnywhere to force an update.

So that's the problem. Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

Many Thanks!
Daniel Carda
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