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Level 2

Need the Example for Jump Action ( Next Target Action and Previous Target Action)

Hi ,

Could you please send me the example for for Jump Action with Next Target Action and Previous Action.

My Question

I have one checkbox , If it is selected i need to  Skip one panel and need to Jump Next Panel and If is not selected not to Jump.  I need the example for this scenario .

Panel 1 : Option ( Check Box  Selected)

Panel 2 : Option is  not Selected move to  Panel 2

Panel 3 : Option is Selected move to Pane 3 directly from Panel 1





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Level 6

This can be achieved using "Add Jump Label" & "Jump to Target" actions
found in Install & Post Install Sequence.
Add a Jump Label Action just before Panel3. Name it, for Example, "JumpPanel3".
Add a "Jump to Target" action after Panel 1 & Set the Next Jump action as JumpPanel3
& add a rule to this action checking the selection status of the Checkbox.

Below are the  steps for the sample , where I am using
Get User Input- simple panel (Panel 1) to capture the user input of the checkbox.

1.    Add a Get User Input - Simple Panel (Panel 1) from
       InstallAnywhere Designer->Sequence->Pre-Install->Add Action->Panels
2.    In Get User Input Panel change Input Method to "CheckBoxes"
3.    Set Results Variable as $USER_INPUT_1$
4.    Select Configure Button and Select "Add"
5.    Give Label: CheckBox_1
        Default Value: Not Selected

6.    Add Panel 2

7.    Add Panel 3

8.     Add a "Add Jump Label" Action (NOTE : Add this just ABOVE Panel 3)
        from InstallAnywhere Designer->Sequence->Pre-Install->Add Action->
        General->Add Jump Label
9.    Enter Label as "JumpToPanel3" and add a description

10.    Add "Jump To Target" Action
          (Note : Add this Just AFTER Get User Input Panel or Panel 1)
          from InstallAnywhere Designer->Sequence->Pre-Install
          ->Add Action->General->Jump to Target
11.    In the action, For Next Jump Action choose Jump Label "JumpToPanel3".
12.    In the same action, Select Rules tab -> Add Rule
          --> Compare InstallAnywhere Variables
         Enter Operand1 - $USER_INPUT_1$
         Select "equals" from the Drop down
         Enter Operand2 - "CheckBox_1" (not to miss double quotes)

Result will be :
If Checkbox is Selected will move to Panel 3 directly from Panel 1
If Checkbox is not Selected will move to Panel 2

Hope this example helps.

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