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Level 2

Multiple Product Instances

I'm new to InstallAnywhere, and am wondering if InstallAnywhere allows for multiple versions of a product to be installed on the same computer. I'd like to allow to user to decide if they want to upgrade the current version they have installed or if they chose a different directory install multiple copies of the software. If this is possible how do I do this? I tried a brief test and seemed to get the latest install to be the one listed in Add/Remove Programs with the previous version not listed any more.
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Level 6

I see the same as well. To uninstall the first one installed you run it directly from the uninstall folder.
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Level 7

I set $PRODUCT_NAME$ to be $PRODUCT_NAME$ $MYVERSION$ (which I've set with custom code based on some build-time values), and then you get good stuff in add/remove programs.
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