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Migration from ISMP to Install Anywhere

Hi All,

I have one query regarding migration from ISMP to Install Anywhere. I have a java class in ISMP with some methods like(build) and I want to migration this method in Install Anywhere. Is there any inbuild method in install anywhere for this method.Can anybody help me on this?


code snippet:

public class XHelper extends WizardAction

   public void build(WizardBuilderSupport support)



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Flexera Flexera_Ian

Re: Migration from ISMP to Install Anywhere

Hi @satsharm,

Thank you for your post.

For more information, I suggest looking at the files in your <IA_HOME>\CustomCode folder, where <IA_HOME> is where your copy of InstallAnywhere 2018 SP1 is installed. There should be samples and templates.

Here is a link to the InstallAnywhere Custom Code API documentation:



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Re: Migration from ISMP to Install Anywhere

To answer your specific question: I haven't found any indication that you can specify code to run at buildtime in your custom actions/panels. We've just removed all build() code in our port from ISMP to IA. You'll need to find a way around it if you actually have real code in your build() methods. The code snippet you pasted in your question is safe to simply remove.


The other answer is to seriously consider why you are moving from ISMP to IA. As many others have found, IA is a downgrade when it comes to features and customization in complicated install processes. InstallAnywhere is simply smoother for more straightforward installers.

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