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Flexera beginner

Migration from ISMP to Install Anywhere

Hi All,

I have one query regarding migration from ISMP to Install Anywhere. I have a java class in ISMP with some methods like(build) and I want to migration this method in Install Anywhere. Is there any inbuild method in install anywhere for this method.Can anybody help me on this?


code snippet:

public class XHelper extends WizardAction

   public void build(WizardBuilderSupport support)



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Flexera Flexera_Ian

Re: Migration from ISMP to Install Anywhere

Hi @satsharm,

Thank you for your post.

For more information, I suggest looking at the files in your <IA_HOME>\CustomCode folder, where <IA_HOME> is where your copy of InstallAnywhere 2018 SP1 is installed. There should be samples and templates.

Here is a link to the InstallAnywhere Custom Code API documentation:



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