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MAC OS Installer throwing an error- The application <appname> cannot be opened.


This is in regards to my installer which was created for Windows and MAC platform in windows machine using InstallAnywhere 2021 SP1, I was able to successfully run the windows version but when I tried the MAC version in MAC Catalina OS, I got an error that "The application <appname> cannot be opened", even though when I build my installer with Apple Developer ID and certificate to support Code signing and notarization. Even I tried with giving full execute permission to all user groups but no luck.

Attaching the screenshot for reference.

Can anybody would let me know what would be the cause and how to rectify it?

As well, any other ways to make the installer work successfully at MAC builds?

Any prompt response, would really be appreciable and helpful at my end.

Looking forward for prompt responses.



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The steps to notarization are available in the documentation. If you think the details are not comprehensive enough, please share your feedback. We will add additional details.

If your MAC installer is created in Windows please find attached script hope that solved your issue.

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