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Localization support for multiple languages | Disable combo box on flash screen

Hi, I want to give support for multiple languages in InstallAnywhere project. When I checked check boxes for two languages English and Japanese in Build>Locales and created new build, the installer started me showing a combo box on flash screen with both languages EN and JA. I selected one language in combo box and then clicked ok to continue installation in the selected language. Could anyone please let me know that how can I disable this combo box and continue the installation automatically in the OS specific language? For example if OS is in Japanese then installer should run in Japanese automatically without user intervention. Please note that the very first screen of installer comes in OS localized language and the combo box appears on flash screen. Thanks.
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Level 20

I'm not sure, but this might be a feature in IA (i.e. to present the end user with all the available language choices).
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