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How to block simultaneous installation

I am using InstallAnywhere 2010 to create the installer for my project. I am facing an issue with the muliple installations. The project executable can be invoked multiple times and there are multiple instances running at the same time. This creates problem during the installations. Is there any way to block simultaneous installations running? Or is there any way atleast to find the multiple instances running in the same system?

Thanks in advance.
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Flexera beginner

Why don't you create lock files ?


IA 2010 contains "Instance Management" feature (Project > Advanced). This will not prevent starting multiple installer, but this can prevent editing simultaneously the same installation path.

If this is not what you need, I guess you can prevent running a second installer by creating for example a lock file that contain pid of the installer process. Then when the installer is launched, check if lock file exists, and if exists, check the pid still exists .... if yes, exit the installer and if not, then you can proceed with the installation.

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