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Localisation of Custom Panel not showing


I'm trying to localise a custom java panel to the locale selected from with installanywhere.

The following code is called by setupUI


I made a point of adding my key to the custom_en of my project. The text when the panel is run comes up blank (I have hard coded text on the panel that does display).

Any thoughts or point me to documentation would be great.


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Level 3

I figured it out - to a degree. It works if I update custom_en in ..\InstallAnywhere 2008 Enterprise\resource\i18nresources.

Does this mean I should not be updating the locales under the project? This leaves the question. How do I add localise text from custom code at a project level?

At least I can work around it now.
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Level 7

From the manual:

However, _ia must be added to the beginning of each key. For example, if the custom code utilized the key, it would need to be added as This modification must be repeated for all custom code localized strings and for each supported locale.

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