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Level 7

Locale doubt

IA supports localization..
So is it like.. If the current OS is Japanese OS, then IA installer will automatically detect it and directly start Japanese/set Japanese as default?
Is this possible?

Or is it just that.. at the spalsh screen user will select the language from the drop down list.. and proceed?
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Level 8


yes, it is possible.... based on the OS we can IS will automatically change the language of installer.... we need to enable that setting using

General information -> product properties and
Media -> release
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Level 7

Is it Installanywhere 2009 you are talking about?
Can u explain it more?
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Level 4

Hi qqqqqq,

In IA '09 when you define more than one locale for your proyect, in the splash window the installer lets you choose your locale for the installation. If the current OS is in english, the default locale will be english, and if the current OS is spanish, the default locale will be spanish (as long as you have selected that locale in your proyect).

I'm not sure if this is a valid answer for your question. The installer doesn't select the locale for you, but it defaults the right one.

Alberto E.
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