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Linux uninstall folder file .com.zerog.registry.xml created

With my installer, when running on linux, i don't want to create an uninstaller. Uninstaller is used on windows, but on linux it's sufficient to do "rm -rf <installdir>" so we don't want to create an uninstaller for that OS.

However when i run my installer on linux, it creates the following file .com.zerog.registry.xml

I have rules limiting the following to only run on windows:

  1. Sequence> Install
    1. the USER_MAGIC_FOLDER for the <installdir>/uninstall folder
    2. the folder Uninstall_PRODUCT  at <installdir>/uninstall/Uninstall_PRODUCT
  2. Organisation>Components
    1. InstallAnywhere Uninstall Component.

On windows the uninstall folder is correctly created with uninstall.exe and other files. On linux nothing else is created in the <installdir>/uninstall/Uninstall_PRODUCT except that .com.zerog.registry.xml file. That file seems to be the last thing that is created in the install. How can I stop that xml file getting created?

Using InstallAnywhere 2020 SP2 build 6376.

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hI @RichRowan ,

Tried replicating the same steps you mentioned with InstallAnywhere 2020 SP2.
With the rules applied, uninstaller & com.zerog.registry.xml is not getting created in the
trial here on Linux. It is seen producing expected result.
Suspect there may be something different with the way rules are applied in your project.

Could it be possible to share the screenshots of Sequence->Install tab
with both the folders and the applied rules visible?

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