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Language Selection Prompt Missing

Hello Team,

I am facing an issue with localization. We are using InstallAnywhere 2020. We have Chinese simplified and English languages supported in our IAP file.

When I launch the installer on a Chinese language OS, I get a language selection prompt(This is working as expected.)

The problem is with English language OS. When I launch the installer , I am not getting the same prompt and installer by default gets launched in English language. (This is the issue.)

Please suggest on this.



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This is by design and is not an error. English language OS will support only western pack languages like French which has same script as English. Chinese, Japanese, Arabic or similar  languages are system language specific in IA.

If you need it forcefully added then in Project | JVM Setting | Installer Settings | Additional arguments add " -Dlax.locales=all" , it will start showing all selected languages on any system.

Hope this helps.


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