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Level 3

Issues with preselected items being greyed out when using a response file


Here is the scenario:

1) User activates installer utilizing a response file which has predetermined selections inside of it.
2) When you arrive at a panel that has subcomponents on it and one of the selections is the preselected item with subcomponents the subcomponent has already been opted to be displayed regardless of selection but is greyed out, this requires the user to click on it again to enable the fields again for use.

Is there any way around this in Installanywhere? Have not found any via the UI yet.

Basically is there anyway that if a panel will be displayed with a preselected value from a response file can you enable the field without having the user have to click on it or click off it then on it again....
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Level 3

Resolved this issue:

If you use installanywhere and want to have your hidden panel values displayed you need to ensure that the panel is set to be evaluated by a variable and that the variable resolves to "true", it CANNOT resolve a value of "1"..this will select the radio button but not blow open the panel.

This appears to be a bug in installanywhere.
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