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Is it possible to show the stderr.logs or stdout.logs in the panel

i have a requirement in which i need to show the stdout.logs ,stderr.logs and install.log in the panel post installation.
Now my question is how do i do it.
I want to show basically these sort of messages like (say)
installing xxxcomponent to this place or so on.

Is there any workaround by which i can show these messages or redirect the install logs to the panel post installation before install complete panel appears.
I have a solution like this::::

In the post installation before install complete panel:::::
i am thinking of calling a custom code action wherein i will be reading from the install.log file and i will set installanywhere panels and show them in the panel post installation before install complete panel.
Or do you have some other way of doing it.
i want to show the messages like installing xxxxxcomponent to c:\program files\xxx
STATUS: successful

and so on so forth,
awaiting reply.
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Is this possible through some answers are awaited

i want to display the stderr.log ,stdout.log and install.log in the panels post installation .
Any suggestions are awaited.
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Hi well is there any workaround for this....

well i want to know if i can show the install.logs in the panel by some way or the other.
Is there any work aorund for this.......
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