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Installscript based Upgrade Installer(Uninstall first then Install completely)

Hi All,

I have an installscript based installer ready and its working fine.My intention is to create an upgrade installer or same installer which should uninstall first and install the latest version with the same product code if i run the installer for the second time with updated versions.

Any advice would be really appreciable!

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You must enable Upgrade support for the project. Upgrade feature works with concept of uninstalling previous version and installing new product with latest version.



  1. Change Projects | General Settings | Version based on your product requirements
  2. Projects | Upgrades | Enable Upgrade Support , set to Yes
  3. Click on “Manage Upgrade Configuration”
  4. Select “Criterion for Detecting which product to Upgrade” based on your product requirements
  5. Change “Range of Product version to Upgrade” based on your product requirements

Build and run your project, it will uninstall previous project and install new one.

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