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Installing Windows Services

Hello everyone,

I am working on building an installer using Merge Modules. One of my Merge Modules has to install a Windows Service. The service has to be started with command line parameters. I need to know which action to use in order to achieve this. I am currently using the Register Windows Service action but there is no way for me to attach the necessary parameters to the executable file path and therefore my service, while showing up in the Admin Tools->Services list, does not start successfully. Thanks, in advance, for any assitance that can be provided to me.

Mike Sucena
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Level 5

I'm not sure if this will apply to you since you are using a merge module. For some services I'm installing, I use the post-install action "execute target". I have specify my command line parameters from there.
I do the same thing for an uninstall - just exectue the command with argument uninstall.
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Level 2

I'm running into a similar problem as Mike. I need to set some parameters on the Windows service. In particular, I would like to set the Startup Type to Manual, and the Log on as: Local System Account (Log On tab).

However, I do not know the command-line DOS commands for those. I just know "net start " and "net stop ".
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