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Installer install complete warning not reported in log/console..

Have an installer which has with it bundled Windows 32 and 64 bit jre. This is set via the pick VM pack page.

The 32 bit installer works fine. The 64bit installation on the Install Complete tells me there are "Warnings" and to consult the log. Tried on Windows 2003 and 2008.

I have done this several times. A collegue has also checked the log file (which has everything directed to it) and can not see the issue...

Have run the 32 and 64 bit installer with the "Control" key held down when launching the installer to get the console window, yet again we can not see the issues. The jre we were using was a newer one we put in a VM, so tried the older shipped pack, but same issue.

What makes this more of a pain is we have another installer which works fine on the machine, but can not yet see the reason why 1 works and 1 does not.

Any ideas?
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Basically ALWAYS have "Generate install log during installation" on, located under: Project -> Info -> Installation Log sub-pane.

If you do not have this on and there are issues you get informed there was a warning/error, but the actual action/copy/etc that caused the action is not logged! We had the installer dumping all the debug options to log (e.g. Tree, variables, pre/post install actions etc).

The issue was a copy action failed to copy file as not existing (rule on source file which should of also been on copy action).

When we had the param mentioned on we got another log which says each action (e.g. copy, set variable etc) and it's return status (Fail, Error, Warning, etc).

Once we had the latter file we fixed the issue in 30 seconds flat, but prior without the param on wasted half a day.... Debug output should give this info too....
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