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Installer icon not honoured when using ant build

Using IA2011 SP3 I have changed the installer icon in the InstallAnywhere GUI and when I run a build from within the GUI the icon of the resulting Windows executable is the correct icon I have selected.

I do not normally create the builds this way but through an Ant task, but when I run the build via the Ant task the icon for the installer reverts to the default icon for IA installers.

Is there any way to stop this from happening and to have the correct icon for the executable when creating an installer via Ant tasks?
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Level 2

Did you happen to find a solution for this? I just ran into the same problem this morning and am trying to resolve it. Thanks!
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Level 2

Still an issue with IA 2013. Any ideas?
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Level 7

I have a different problem, which is that I created a .ico file with 48x48 size for use on Windows8 desktop. Replaced the prior .gif files with the .ico file in the shortcut. Works fine in the development machine -- but the build machine has a different root path for the IA project dir, and it saved the absolute pathname! When I save the 48x48 file as a .gif and select it, it apparently converts it to 32 bit and then back to 48, giving jaggies. Which is the thing I was trying to fix in the first place.
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