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Level 2

Installer hangs on windows

Installer created using installanywhere 2012 hangs at the end of installation. Its a random issue and not reproduced every time.
It displays a message "Installing...." and then hangs.
Environment where I got this is Windows server 2008 R2 SP2 (10GB RAM and CPU@2.67GHz 4 CPU)
I analysed it with a few tools like process explorer and VisualVM and got few thread dumps. I was not able to post them as the site is not allowing (blocking it as spam)
Need help!:confused::confused:
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Level 3

I am also having the same issue while installing on Windows 7. It hangs at the end of installation and not accepting "done" to complete the installation (it looses focus).
This is not consistently reproducible. We are using jre 1.7u51.

Please let me know if we have a solution here.

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