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Level 3

Custom code


I am attempting to run a jar I made from the custom code action in Install Anywhere. I have created a jar and executing it plays my sound. I added the path the the jar, and the class in the install anywhere custom code section, but it is not playing. I am getting:

Custom Action: makesound.MakeSound
Status: ERROR
Additional Notes: ERROR - class makesound.MakeSound unavailable.

in the log. Why would i get "ERROR - class makesound.MakeSound unavailable"
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Level 7


Is the package name/class name correct? This message is seen when the full path to class name is incorrect.

Share the jar file if possible.

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Level 3

I found the problem. I was building the jar JDK 1.7, and building the source to 1.6. After a rebuilt with JDK 1.6 it worked.
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