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InstallAnywhere not cleaning tmp folder after installation in Linux


I'm trying to understand if there is a way to set up an InstallAnywhere project so once it's completed with the installation, it cleans up the files placed in the tmp folder in Linux.

After doing some research I was able to figure out that the default tmp folder can be changed to a custom one by doing: export IATEMPDIR=$HOME before executing the installer.

I was able to test that workaround and works fine but I'm wondering if the temporary files can be deleted once the process is complete.

Most Linux distributions have jobs that either clean the temporary folder on startup or at a given time but we have encountered issues with machines that never get restarted.

One scenario that we have seen as well is when multiple installations happen in the same Linux machine the tmp folder gets full and affects users who don't have the knowledge of how to clean up this folder.

Is there an option for this?

PD: We have a previous issue here:



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I see things left behind as well.  You didn't mention what version you are on, I'm using IA 2018 and there is a hotfix that resolves at least some of the clean up.

Hey @mike_killoran, we used IA 2015 but we are in the process of updating to the latest version, i.e., 2020. We didn't get any help from Flexera because IA 2015 already past the point of support. Ultimately, we found a link with some documentation suggesting a solution which worked for us:

Somewhere in your Main class, you can add this:

cliInstallerProxy.setVariable("$CHECK_DISK_SPACE$", "FORCE");

In our case, adding this worked to revert faulty installations by having no enough space.

There is another workaround which is using an alternate temp directory:


I hope this helps for you.