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InstallAnywhere Installation

I was able to use this file without any problems until i tried to update the JRE provided with the InstallAnywhere application. That's what i did:

I used Build.exe to build my installer
I noticed I had some annoying java related warnings during the process(console output)
After a little research I came across a solution that offered to update the included JRE (Ver. 1.7) in the InstallAnywhere root folder.
I replaced the JRE with a more recent version (1.8)
Since then I get the following error only when Build.exe is used. The InstallAnywhere GUI works just fine. 

The error:

This is an incomplete installation of InstallAnywhere 2014 SP1 Evaluation.
Because of this error I can't use Build.exe anymore even though I'm using a licensed version of InstallAnywhere 2014 Premier.

This error message won't go away no matter what I do, I tried to:

restore the original JRE
Reinstall InstallAnywhere
Supplying the license again (License server)
What's causing this error? How can i fix it?


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Level 2

?                                                                      mod apk

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