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IA 2018 SP1 - IDE text disappears from Sequence tab

I am running IA 2018 SP1 on Ubuntu 20.04 and I have an issue where the IA ide will loose the text in the Sequence tab of the Install module for of all the component short names going across the blue bar of "Assign Actions to Components".  Initially opening the project file, these labels for the short names are visible.  As soon as I change to a different tab or move to a different are of the IDE and go back, they are missing and I can't get them back till I restart IA.  Then the issue just repeats.  Any ideas how to fix this?


Thanks in advance...


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Re: IA 2018 SP1 - IDE text disappears from Sequence tab


Can you please tell what is your system resolution and is DPI setting is enabled on your system?

System resolution should be 1200X800. Less than this resolution will show this issue.

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