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IA 2012SP1 hangs on build

Just upgraded from 2011SP2 to 2012SP1,
converted 4 merge modules projects and built them successfully, but when I'm trying to build the parent project, it hangs on the build with "Cleaning up..." and the details shows:
Preparing to build......
InstallAnywhere temporary directory is located at:: D:\myProject\My Server\.buildinstaller1.tmp
Creating build directories...
Checking free disk space...
Saving project...
Updating project pieces...
Generating script...
Processing external properties...
Saving external properties...
Cleaning up...
Build failure: null (java.lang.NullPointerException)

Could anyone advice? I tried to delete all output files manually but it still hangs on that point.
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Level 2

i am also facing the same problem. i m breaking my head for last couple of days. Pls someone help me to sort this out

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Level 4

What do the BuildLog says here. Can you post the output of that here
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Level 2

Thanks anilsharma! i solved myself.

Increase the heap size in InstallAnywhere.lax file: For eg.

and it builds successfully.
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