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IA 2012 - Node Locked License - Feature Is Locked To A Different Host (-9,3035)

Hello all,

I am having issues registering an old legacy InstallAnywhere 2012 install for a build server we have. If I execute

./build -registerNodeLocked 80c16e7fc738.lic

On the server, I get the response

Trying to checkout IAEB version=14.0
Feature Is Locked To A Different Host (-9,3035)
Could not register this copy of InstallAnywhere 

I used 

./build -generateHostID

To generate the ID for the license, and I also verified this by comparing it to the ifconfig output ethernet MAC as suggested in the installation manual, and they both match the one used above.

The configured Java used is Oracle Java 8, and the OS where this is installed is CentOS 7.9.2009.

Has anyone run into this issue before or know why IA won't register with a license?

Thanks in advance.

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