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Humble technician needing assistance

Hello everyone. I am merely a technician trying to silently install a SAM (Scholastic Achievement Manager) client on several WinXP workstations. InstallAnywhere 2008 Enterprise is the installer packaged with SAM. I've been able to successfully deploy silent installs of two other Scholastic applications using the -i silent command switch.

But, the SAM client won't install with the -i silent switch for some reason. So I decided to create a response file,, by running the normal install with the -r command switch. Well, install.exe -f didn't work either. (response file is located in same directory as the exe) I also tried adding the "INSTALLER_UI=silent" line to the response file and it just disappears in task manager processes.

Scholastic's tech support is not helping me with this. Any advice or thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Here are the contents of

# Tue May 05 10:57:09 EDT 2009
# Replay feature output
# ---------------------
# This file was built by the Replay feature of
# It contains variables that were set by Panels or Consoles.

#Quicktime Installation

#Choose Install Folder
USER_INSTALL_DIR=C:\Program Files\Scholastic Enterprise\SAM

#Server Configuration
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The installer may not have been compiled to allow silent installs. You should try to contact the creator of the SAM installer to verify that you can run silent installs of their application.
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