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Level 5

How to stop uninstallation in middle


I am executing a few scripts in the installer and wanted to stop the installation if the script fails(this is in install and not in post install). The failure of the script can be checked using exit code.
Is there any way to skip the installation to the end in case of failure:confused: ...

Can anyone please help me out..

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Level 20

Well I think that the only attempt you could do should be done in the Pre-Uninstall task... but what could prevent the user from uninstalling if they want to?
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Level 7

You could try a "Show Message Dialog" I've had that appear in the middle of the "Install" step.

Can you also do a Jump to, some place in the Post-Install?

Sometimes what I do, is just install the files during the install step, then in the post install, I execute scripts, etc.
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