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How to specify a license file to IA 2020?

I have installed IA 2020 on a system that has limited access to Internet. So I generated a license file from the Revenera product and license site. But when I tried to feed it to IA 2020, the only option to specify a license is to connect to the license-generating site. And that connection is being blocked on the host I have IA installed.

Is there a way to tell IA 2020 to use the license file I already copied onto the host?


Duncan Chiu


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Re: How to specify a license file to IA 2020?

If you have license file available for machine where you are installing IA then follow these steps:

GUI mode: InstallAnywhere Licensing Wizard 

- Select Specify License Information

- Select Node Lock License

- Make sure Host ID is correct

- Browse for License file available with you

- Click on Finish


Console/Silent mode :

Run in command line:

-registerNodeLocked [path_of_license_file]


Note: License file is tied to machine using Host ID of machine, so these steps won't work on other machine.

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