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Level 6

How to not uninstall a magic folder

So I add a "Create Folder" action and set it for USER_MAGIC_FOLDER_2 and I also create a subfolder, .topaz.

Under .topaz, I get the "do not uninstall" option. However that is not the case for USER_MAGIC_FOLDER_2 

When I go to uninstall, I get a warning about "Unable to remove" the folder set as USER_MAGIC_FOLDER_2. I do not get any messages for the .topaz folder which is good.

Not sure how to suppress this message without the "Do not uninstall" checkbox. I do not have any other files or folders defined under USER_MAGIC_FOLDER_2.

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Level 6

Hi @sturge ,

When the subfolder is customized to "Do not uninstall" , the parent Magic folder will not be uninstalled and this is expected behavior. But currently there is no option to remove it from the uninstall fail warning list.

There is a workaround. In Sequence->Post-Uninstall->Uninstall Complete Panel, uncheck the option "Show list of files not uninstalled".  This will prevent listing of files not removed during uninstall.

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