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How to list the files in a directory and prompt user to select one and read the selected file

Hello Experts, I have a requirement, where I have multiple config files in a directory. And, our InstallAnywhere script should be able to real all the files in the directory and list them with index for user selection. Once user selects a config file, we should take that input and read the file in Linux environment. Do we have any plugins to help with this or can you suggest a way to do this. Thanks, Rakesh.
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Revenera Moderator

Hi, rakesh_dama. Thank you for your post. You could try using the InstallAnywhere Properties File Reader Plugin Action in the online HelpNet documentation here: Your config file needs to be in a key-value pair format, such as the following: MyTestKey=MyTestValue. I tested with a test config file, which was a plain text file: test.config. An InstallAnywhere variable $MyTestKey$ is initialized when the action reads the key-value pair from the config file. You could try resolving $MyTestKey$ with the syntax: $MyTestKey$. In my test, this resolved to: MyTestValue. Please give this a try. Does that work for you? Thanks, Flexera_Ian
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Hi Ian,


Thanks for your response. 

The requirement here is not to read config file. That I am doing anyway.

Requirement here is, read the filenames in a folder and prompt user to select a file from that folder.

example: I have a.config,b.config,c.config files in configs directory. I want to prompt user to select one config file among these from configs directory.




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Hi Rakesh.,

You could try using the Choose File Panel. This will allow the user to select a file from a folder.



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Thanks Ian, Will give it a try and let you know.
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You're welcome, Rakesh. Sounds good. Thanks, Ian
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