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Flexera beginner

How to ensure selected JVMs Version and includes JDK ?

I'm working on a project that requires certain Java Versions and also requires the JDK to be installed.
Is there a way to check in the Pre-Install stage, whether the JVM selected trough the "Panel : Choose Java VM" fulfills all these requirements?
Thanks for your help.

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Flexera beginner

Re: How to ensure selected JVMs Version and includes JDK ?

You can restrict to a certain Java Version & ensure that JDK  is installed by
configuring in Project->JVM Settings->Installer Settings->Installer Valid VM List.
 VM Type & VM Version can be configured in Valid VM List .
For example,
Enter 9.0.4 in Valid VM List - to restrict java version to 9.0.4 only.
Enter JDK in Valid VM list - to restrict VM Type to JDK.
To ensure that JDK of Java 9.0.4  is  used, in Valid VM List enter:
JDK 9.0.4

This configuration will reflect in the Choose Java VM panel.
Hope this helps.

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