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Level 3

How to avoid uninstalling in-use files after restart?

I found on windows XP box if an installed file was in-use, uninstaller will ask if user want to restart the computer on last panel.

After restart the computer, this file was deleted.

I don’t want it to do so, because user may install product into the same folder where he un-installed just now. And after re-boot, files got removed.

Could you give some suggestions? Thanks!
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Level 20

If I were you, in the Advanced Designer, in the Project/File Settings tab I would uncheck the In-Use File Behavior which says "Replace in-use files after restart (Windows Only)". As this is the single setting that I know of concerning in-use files, my guess is that it works for install as well as for uninstall. So you should give it a try and see if it fixes your issue.
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Level 3

Thanks for your suggestion, but it does not work.

There were two checkboxes about in-use file:
1. "Uninstall In-use files After Restart (Windows Only)" of Create Uninstaller action.
2. In the Project/File Settings tab, the In-Use File Behavior which says "Replace in-use files after restart (Windows Only)".

I tried selecting them or deselecting them, but seemed no any effect, the in-use files will still be removed after uninstall and restart.
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