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How can output of "Execute Command Action" be displayed in a new Terminal

HI, All

I'm working on a Linux installer using installanywhere 2011 enterprise. In the installation process, i need to install another thirty party tool, so I add a "Execute Command Action" in the install step to install this tool. This command will took almost an hour to finish. I want to display the output of this command on an new terminal(which can be closed after command is executed) or in an Dialog so that user can know the installation is still going. Can it be achieved?

There is a setting "Store process's stdout in" in the Execute Command action. I tried to set it to an Variable and refer this variable in the "Show intermidiate Dialog", but it seems not working. The intermidate dialog will not show the output of command.

Can anyone help on this?

Best Regards
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Level 3

You might be able to do this with the ExecuteCustomCode. Java can put the stdout/stderr in a console window and run the command using the Runtime.exec() command.
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