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Need help in IA2009 build issue

Hi ,

I am using InstallAnywhere 2009 ProjectAutomation API to populate our template and then build it through command line. I have two project files, one of which has verbose log generation code (the only difference between two project files).

Now when I am trying to build one project (MS1Packager_good.iap_xml..see attached), it builds fine through command line. But when we build MS1Packager_bad.iap_xml, it fails. We do not get the output .bin file.

Please help.Its kind of urgent. I am attaching both the project files. In case you can try to build them through command line and be able to replicate the issue.

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Can you post the build error you get when building the "bad" project? By just looking at it I couldn't spot anything out of the ordinary and as I don't have the resources I cannot obviously build it.
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