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Going up from $USER_INSTALL_DIR$


I'm using IA 7.

is it possible to move a folder from $USER_INSTALL_DIR$ to 1 step up?

for example:
During installation I copy SpeedFolderA and SpeedFolderB to $USER_INSTALL_DIR$ which is /Program File/COMPANY/ProductName1
so it's
/Program File/COMPANY/ProductName1/SpeedFolderA
/Program File/COMPANY/ProductName1/SpeedFolderB

But i want to move SpeedFolderB outside $USER_INSTALL_DIR$ and move it 1 step up and change the SpeedFolderB name to ProductName2, so it should be like
c:/Program File/COMPANY/ProductName1/SpeedFolderA
c:/Program File/COMPANY/ProductName2

I just can't find how to go up from the $USER_INSTALL_DIR$.

please help.
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Level 7

did you try :
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thanks for the response... yup that's what I did but it didn't worked. But I added
$USER_INSTALL_DIR$\$..$\$..$\$ and it's OK now.:D

Thanks again.
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