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Level 7

Font and color in Installer steps labels

Is possible to change the font, color, etc. for the installer steps which appear on the left side of the frame (e.g. Introduction, Choose Install Folder)

The Installer steps labels for completed or current panels are by default black.
For the panels which are yet to come they are beveled and white..

I can see that : the icon images for the steps can be changed.
Is is possible to customize font/ color/ etc.. ???
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Level 20

Open your IA project in the advanced designer and then go to the Installer UI tab (on the right). There are all the customizations you're looking for (color, but not font).
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Level 7

yeah ..i checked there.. even color is not customizable for 'INstaller steps'
rigth-top label, panel background color can be changed.. but not the installer steps color.. 😞
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