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Environment Variables and Modify Text File

Hello. I'm have an action setup to modify a text file for a Linux build, which is simply acting as a launcher for my application. In it, I have something like the following:

setenv PROJ_DIR /home/userA/install

When the installer runs, the part that is red is removed. But when I am configuring the installer, in the Modify Text File - Single File action I have deselected the "Substitute InstallAnywhere variables in file" checkbox. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
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Flexera Alumni

Perhaps use $DOLLAR$ for literal dollar signs you want to remain, so IA doesn't interpret the expression between $ as a variable?
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Level 3

I am facing the similar problem.
I have property called,IDM_PASSOWRD=$PASSWORD_VALUE$.during runtime my contains is like this idm$123$.After modifying the actual values its coming like idm only.How can i get the actual password value.

Please its very urgent.
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