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Dear All,
I am manually converting InstallShield Multiplatform11.5 project to InstallAnywhere 2012.

1. In ISMP 11.5, a feature can be created and installed yet it is invisible to user (Active = True, Visible = False). Can we do it in InstallAnywhere ?
2. I have one feature (contains components) that is used by many other features in ISMP. How can I share this feature to others ? It is for duplication purpose.
3. There is a Install Check Panel in ISMP which will check if the product is already installed or not. Is there any similar panel/action in InstallAnywhere ?

Anyone has the same concern/problem ?

Please help to answer these questions.
Many Thanks
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Level 3

You can set filters and rules to control what actions are performed. You can also setup multiple Install Sets, Features, and Components under "Organization" which can also have Rules applied to them.
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Level 5

You may use "Find Component in Registry" action to check if the product is already installed or not.
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Level 3

Dear Johnny Pontiac,
Thank you for your response, It looks like I need to have at least two Install Set when using InstallAnywhere compared to one in InstallShield Multiplatform.

Dear Masudkhan,
Thank you for your response. Yes, I applied the "Find Component in Registry". A small problem is that it only finds the component installed not a whole feature (a feature contains many components, and a component can be shared between many features). To find if a feature was installed, I first determine a unique component that is in this feature and not others, Then use Find Component in Registry. However, some features have overlap components which makes this difficult. I am not sure this is the best way or not.
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