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Level 6

Dispalying the user input on a choice group


In my project, i have a panel that contains a choice group which has two radio buttons (say yes/No). IA generates two user input variables one for each radio button. No I can check which radio button user has selected (its variable will have a value 1).

But how can we check what choice the user has made (yes or No) on that panel?

Thanks and regards
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Level 5

Say you have User_Input_Var_1 for ‘YES’ and User_Input_Var_2 for ‘NO’ as the radio buttons and you can select only one radio button at a time then Below are the conditions and results:

If User_Input_Var_1 = 1 and User_Input_Var_2 = 0 then ‘YES’ is selected

If User_Input_Var_1 = 0 and User_Input_Var_2 = 1 then ‘NO’ is selected

-- Mac
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