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Dependency on a Product installed on another machine

Here's our scenario.
We have a product A installed on machine A using IA.
Now I want to install product B on machine B.But before I do that,I need to check if product A has been installed (with version check etc) on machine A or not.
Any idea how do I go about getting this done ?
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Level 8

It would be a nightmare at best. And I do not understand why you need to perform such a check. Give more details if possible.

Remote Registry
etc... come to my mind. These need to be enabled on remote PC.

But all this needs a mutual understanding between machines and OSs on them. Also, opening up of such channels of communication would be a security challenge as well.
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Level 2

ours is a suite of products.And all of these products can be installed on different boxes.These products depend on a core/base product that can be deployed on machine of your choice.
So if I have installed core on machine A and now I want to install product XYZ on machine B,I just need to make sure that the core/base has been installed somewhere before proceeding further!
I guess using IA one can check for dependencies within the same installer or on the same box.But can IA do a remote registry check to see if a particular component has been installed or not ?
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Level 3

We have a custom action which makes a http request to the other machine, and given a valid reply assumes that the other machine has a valid install. How do your products communicate with one another? If you could simulate a normal handshake, you can figure out if product A is installed or not
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