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Level 3

Delete uninstall directory based on rule


In uninstaller, as soon as the uninstalls complete successfully the uninstall.exe and uninstall directory gets removed automatically once clicked on done button in the uninstall complete panel.

My requirement is After uninstalls complete successfully I want to check some condition and based on that I want to remove the uninstall directory as well as uninstall.exe. That means even if uninstallation is success I dont want uninstall folder to get removed, I need to put a check and if that is true then only it should remove the uninstaller.

Please help
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Level 8

what project type you are using?
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Level 3

Sorry.. but I didn't understand your question.
I have created install anywhere 2009 project running in GUI mode.
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Level 6

Hi Seemeena,

Do you want the Uninstall Folder to remain back without getting uninstalled or do you require the Uninstaller.exe to be left behind after uninstallation is successful?

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