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Custom Code with dependent Variables

I have a custom code action which relies on IA variables as input. I am running into an issue when using the custom code more than once in a project. Let me illustrate with a custom code panel that sets the panel title to the value of $PANEL_TITLE$:

1. Set IA variable $PANEL_TITLE$ to 'Panel_1'
2. Run custom panel, and you will see that the title is Panel_1.
3. Set IA variable $PANEL_TITLE$ to 'Panel_2'
4. Run a second custom panel, and you will see that the title has changed to Panel_2.
5. Hit 'Previous' button to get to the first panel again, and you will see the title of the first Panel is now Panel_2.

Using this case as an example, is there any way, besides using a plugin, to avoid this, to get the first custom code action to basically store the variables it was initially given?
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Are you using jump to actions between your panels, if not, try to, then your previous action should jump to the action where the variable is set before running your custom code.
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if you have some questions, please create a new post and better describe what you are looking for.

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