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Level 2

Custom Code Panel + multi-line text?

I am creating a Custom Code Panel and would like for it to be used in any Installanywhere project I create. The problem I am having is I would like to be able to populate a Text Area with whatever I want, whether it be a single line or multiple lines. I also would like to use as many of these Custom Code Panels as I want in a given project.

Essentially my Custom Code Panel should emulate a Scrolling Panel with a couple of tweaks. I would think the best way to achieve this is to just read an IA variable and display its contents in a Text Area (inside a scroll pane). The only problem with that approach is: how do I set an IA variable to a multi-lined message? I dont want to have to create a unique Custom Code Panel for every unique message I want displayed. I could have the Panel read its message from a file, but then I would have a ton of text files to keep track of and install.

What would be nice is if you could create your own Custom Panel templates right inside IA's advanced designer and add it to the panel tab in the "Add Action" toolbar. That way you could add a text area for you to type in a message just like the "Scrolling Message Panel" has.
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Level 9

I think you can create a plugin that will be accessible in all your projects.

Check samples from "/CustomCode/Samples"
Then put the jar file in "/plugins" ... it should appears in your installer for all projects in Add Action/Plug-Ins.

For the multi lines variable, you can use "\n" or complete HTML code + text on one line.

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