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Console mode does not install anything

I have a very strange issue that I cannot figure out. I create and build my installer. It works fine in both GUI and silent modes, everything is installed and everything works right. However when I evoke console mode on the exact same installer, nothing gets installed. The dialogs and such work but the installer exits with errors. Checking the log file shows this:

Install Directory: ""\
Status: ERROR
Additional Notes: ERROR - java.lang.Exception: Failed to create directory: ""
All Install Actions Beneath this Action have not been installed.

I have compared what I'm doing to another persons working console install project and all our project settings are identical. We have the same dialogs, etc. I've been pulling my hair out over this, any idea why it is not working?
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Level 20

Can you post your project?
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Level 4

edit: I figured it out. For anyone who later searches this:

all input that the console takes in from the "console: get user input" gets put in quotations. So if you imputed C:\etc it would be saved as "C:\etc" (quotes included) and chances are you will run into problems down the line when you have to deal with this. The best way is just to parse off the quotations. Create some custom code with the rule that when $INSTALLER_UI$ equals CONSOLE it runs. The parse code is simple

String var = installerProxy.substitute("$Variable_with_quotes$");
var= var.substring(1, var.length()-1);
installerProxy.setVariable("$Variable_with_quotes$", var);

This will remove the quotes and reset the variable to what it should be
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Level 2

I found to solve this problem without java code. It would have been nice if
1. this was in the documentation
2. console mode variables worked like gui variables so we could use the same variables and code

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