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Can't set working directory of an Execute Command Action?

Hey folks, just wondering if there is something I'm missing. There are some utilities, like the mysql daemon for example, that require they be executed in a certain directory. This is bad practice of course, but anyhooo ...

Install Anywhere (unlike install4j or InstallBulder) doesn't seem to allow the setting of a working directory for any of it's actions. I'm trying to use the Execute Command Action for this.

Am I missing this in the UI somewhere?

I know I can do it by wrapping it in custom code and setting the working directory in a Java ProcessBuilder object, or wrapping it in a platform specific script, but I'd really rather not have to write custom code for this in my evaluation of these products.
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Level 6

Hi frank2oh,

This is mainly because Installanywhere first extracts itself into the temp and all its execution takes place w.r.t the temp directory where it extracts itself to.

This is true in case of most of the actions in Installanywhere.

Changing the the temp location to the current directory of your program under execution should resolve your issue.

Hope this helps.

Madhav Pai
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